NaNoWriMo Prep – Day 4 of 9


Today I plot, but admittedly, distractions abound. Not in the form of groceries, house work, or paying bills. Not even a nice walk in the woods at dusk. No, the distractions for the day are none other than Napoli, Lindor, and company, i.e. the Cleveland Indians.

Having waited 19 years for this World Series appearance, I can’t hardly not watch. Sure, sure, I may need to work on my plot so that I can outline the novel before Tuesday, when the countdown to 50,000 words begins, but…how can you say no to World Series baseball? 🙂

Isn’t that typical of life, though? We have plans to write. We plot and dream and scratch down ideas, and then the groceries, house work, and bills need tending and friends need visiting and woods need walked in and the next thing you know, months have gone by and you’ve hardly written a page. It’s not always big (miracle) distractions like October baseball, but no matter how distracted we get, the key to writing is picking the pen back up and writing.

What are some of your biggest/smallest distractions? How do you overcome them? #RollTribe

– Melinda

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