Update: Five Months After

I hit 50,000 words around the 15th during NaNoWriMo 2016. You can imagine my elation at achieveing the goal and still having two weeks to go! A new finish line formed in the distance: complete the entire first draft of the novel. I was set. I was ready. Then I was stopped. 

Stopped by one of those curve balls of life that catches you off-guard and leaves you speechless. 

I fell in love. ☺️

Our friendship of three years laid a foundation that after only a few weeks of talking led us to being a couple. The date was determined before I even had the ring. Two months after he asked me to marry him I became his wife. It’s been a whirlwind, and while my writing has been on hold so I could focus on starting a life with my best friend, I wouldn’t change a moment of the last five months. My writing will be richer for this experience. 

So now that my days have settled into a blessed routine, I take up pen and keyboard once again and continue on the journey of writing the stories that have been tromping around in my mind these last few years. I hope you’ll come along. 

What unforeseen curve balls in life have made your writing richer? 

– Melinda

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