Monday Musings: Autumn Love

Yes, I am one of the crazies who believe that warm sweaters, hot apple cider, and the crisp, cool air of October all adds up to equal the most magical time of the year. Maybe to some I’m not off my rocker, but I’ve heard a few grumbles from people who don’t quite understand why so many are starry-eyed over the season that directly proceeds winter. To that I guess I have to say, I don’t understand how people don’t love autumn. ::Shrugs::

So imagine my surprise this morning when I discovered the ten day forecast is calling for high 70s/low 80s all of those ten days! I feel outraged. I can’t be rocking cozy sweaters when it’s 83 degrees outside; especially not with my personal space heater (a.k.a. my baby-bump) following me around everywhere I go. Sigh. I guess I’ll just somehow endure the Indian summer.

Okay, so I’m not really upset about the forecast. Honestly. After all it is Ohio – give it five minutes, it’ll change. It just amazes me how the turning of a calendar page can set up immediate expectations and fuzzy feelings inside of you, and then the romantic notion of the season can be dashed five seconds later by the reality that Mother Nature does what she wants when she wants. 

My goal? Enjoy each day, autumn-like or no. Because we only have the time we are given, and we need to make the most of it.

What is your favorite season? Why? 

– Melinda

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