Writer Wednesday: Writer Friends

Today I had lunch with a writer friend. Last evening I met with a small group of writers for what we call Writer’s Block; it’s a once-a-month meeting where we spend a few hours working on our individual projects. Beforehand, though, we meet for dinner and talk.

Having a writer friend(s) is one of the greatest writing ‘resources’ I’ve come across. Encouragement, feedback, critique, a sounding board, joint commiseration – some or all can usually be found in a writer friend. They know what it is like to try and squeeze writing time in to a busy schedule, how hard it can be to navigate the publishing world and all the possibilities, and the joy and frustration of trying to better your craft.

In short, they ‘get it.’ And sometimes all you need to move forward in chasing your dreams is an understanding nod.

Is there at least one writer friend in your life? If not, who do you talk to about the journey you’re on?

– Melinda

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