Monday Musings: Eating Well

I function better overall as a human being when I stay away from bread and dairy. Lucky me, I’m from the part of the country where there are more cows per capita then there are people. Cue the eye-roll emoji. 

Being married means I’m also more exposed to home-cooked meals full of said grains and dairy. Our immediate families are pretty understanding and supportive of any ‘life-style’ choices I claim, but it’s hard to say no to pasta and garlic bread time and time again. 

Then there is the eating out. We eat out more frequently then I did when I was solo – and again, pretty supportive family – but you can only drool over that entree menu for so long before you snap and consume an entire mini-loaf of bread while ordering something smothered in cheese. 

Eating well is not impossible in today’s culture, but it still isn’t easy. That innate desire to fit in and to also enjoy the comfort foods of your youth makes it difficult to ignore the pizza and focus on the salad. 

Or maybe it’s just me and others breeze right over the temptations. If this is you, please tell me your secrets. 🙂

I have periods of time where I do really, really well, and others where I can’t even see the ‘eat-well’ band-wagon from which I fell. I pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again, because I know it’s important to nourish our bodies with real food, not just fill them up with all the junk we desire. 

I don’t really have a conclusion for my musings today other than to ask, what do you do to stay on the path of eating well? Is it purely self-will? Do you have little tips or tricks other than ‘everything in moderation’? 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

– Melinda

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