Fiction Friday: A Portrait of Emily Price

*On Fridays I will share what I’ve been reading, whether fiction or non-fiction. The books here can range from fiction of any genre, to personal development, to how-to, and anything and everything in between.

The Stats

Title: A Portrait of Emily Price
Author: Katherine Reay
Publisher/Year: Thomas Nelson 2016
Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction


Artist/restorationist Emily Price is determined to fix everything around her, until one day she realizes that she can’t. 

In Atalanta on a job assignment, Emily’s neatly ordered world is thrown topsy-turvy when she meets and falls in love with Ben, an Italian chef visiting his aunt and uncle and attempting to help revive their restaurant. At the same time she discovers that her current job assignment will be her last, as the company is closing her department. Knee-deep in attempting to help everyone around her, Emily finds herself accepting Ben’s marriage proposal and moving to Italy. But life in the beautiful Italian countryside isn’t any easier; Ben’s mother doesn’t seem very thrilled with her, his father is dying, and Emily feels she’s messing everything up. As she tries to adjust to life in her new home, she uncovers a long-held family secret and realizes that even with good intentions, you can’t fix everything.

– This was my first Katherine Reay novel. I enjoyed the story over all, and could sense the difference between the settings of Atlanta and Italy through Katherine’s narrative. The characters were well drawn, as was the tension in Ben’s family, especially in the second half of the book. There were a lot of technical bits of information concerning the world of restoration that I wasn’t familiar with, but it did help to make the story feel authentic. I enjoyed the book and have already read a second Katherine Reay novel since, which I’ll post next week. My favorite part of the book was Ben’s father – I won’t say more than that for not wanting to spoil the story for anyone. Worth the read.

Have a great weekend!

– Melinda

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