Writer Wednesday: NaNoWriMo Prep Update

Two chapters of the first book are complete. That might not sound like much, but it’s monumental for me compared to the writing I completed this summer (read: nada). Still, I want to be a little further along before November 1st, so I decided to dedicate most of this afternoon to working on the book. How am I going to keep myself from doing housework or reading one of the many novels I’m in the middle of?


Good old Starbucks. 

I only have about three-and-a-half months remaining where I can slip away to a cafe and write, so I’m taking advantage of the time. Where some people might be too distracted at a cafe, I find it easy to slip on some headphones and tune my mind into my work, despite all the chatter and noise. 

Where do you go to focus on your writing without distractions?

– Melinda

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