Fiction Friday: Flight of the Earls

*On Fridays I will share what I’ve been reading, whether fiction or non-fiction. The books here can range from fiction of any genre, to personal development, to how-to, and anything and everything in between.

The Stats

Title: Flight of the Earls (An Heir of Ireland novel)
Author: Michael Reynolds
Publisher/Year: B&H Publishing Group in 2013
Genre: Historical Christian Fiction


Clare Hanley is sent to America with her brother Seamus and neighbor boy by her father, who reluctantly recognizes that his family is going to die without a change of fortunes. Clare agrees to go for the sake of her mother and younger siblings, but crossing the Atlanta nearly costs her her life, and circumstances aren’t much better in New York. Without the aide of a generous benefactor, all might have been lost. But the further that Clare, her brother and her friend find themselves sliding into the world of Five Points, the more Clare realizes that they are in trouble. And just when it appears all hope is lost, she falls into the arms of a stranger who shows her how life can really be. The only problem is that those she loves are still in danger, and Clare is determined to help them.

Epic. Beginning in the plagued potato fields of Ireland, sweeping into Manhattan, and taking the reader through various locales, Mr. Reynolds’ debut novel is fine a piece of literary-caliber fiction. Moving, detailed, lyrical, and full of history, this is a great first novel and I’m already on to the second book in the series.

I highly recommend this book.

– Melinda

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