Writer Wednesday: Final Day of Prep

Ah, can you smell it in the air? November is near. 🙂

That means tomorrow the pursuit begins in earnest. No more prepping, no more excuses, only writing. Serious, intentional writing. Well, maybe not always serious (you need to have some fun along the way), but certainly intentional. It’s the only way you make it to 50,000 words in one month.

On my final day of ‘prep’, I am going to attempt to write the fifteenth chapter of the book, which will put me at the 50% mark. Not as far as I wanted to get. And I’m sure now that I’m only going to crack into the second book next month, not the third or fourth. But that’s okay. I’m working on it, and sometimes that’s all you can do; plug away at it one day at a time.

So for everyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo 2018, I salute you. May your words flow easily.

What are you doing to prep for tomorrow? Are you excited, nervous, or something other about the next thirty days?

– Melinda

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