Monday Musings: Five Favorite Comedians

I love good comedy. Heck, even a good humorist makes my day. My husband and I have a Pandora station dedicated to that which makes us chuckle. We listen it to it so often that our ‘inside jokes’ tend to be one-liners from the men and women who show up on the Pandora rotation. There is a catch though: I prefer good clean comedy. 

Now admittedly, the definition of ‘clean’ is subjective. But for me it’s that which is mostly free of cursing and the material is suitable for most audiences.

With all that in mind, here are my top five favorite comedians/humorists (in no particular order).

  1. Jeff Foxworthy

– Of ‘You Might Be a Redneck’ fame, Jeff was the first comedian I remember being exposed to. He made me laugh when I was young and I still find his jokes hilarious. It’s not uncommon for me to spit out the phrase ‘Well I used-ta-could’ or ‘We’ve seen Georgia on the map. It’s purple!’

  1. Jim Gaffigan

– Okay, so maybe the first two are in particular order, I.e. they are my two favorite comedians. Jim’s food and family based humor never fails to delight. Has your mother ever made anything as delicious as a McDonald’s fry? 🙂

  1. Mark Lowry

– This man is multi-talented; comedian/humorist, songwriter, and fantastic singer. Did you know he wrote ‘Mary Did You Know?’ His humor is what I enjoy most, though. He can tell a good story and have your seams splitting at the same time. As a proclaimed Christian he is certainly clean, but there’s nothing corny about his humor. Maybe it’s the energy he brings to the mic, but few people can make me laugh the way he can.

  1. Tim Hawkins

– Another multi-talented comedian; he incorporates his musical talent in to his act in the form of parodies, and right now my husband and I are really enjoying his spin on Disturbed’s version of ‘Sounds of Silence’ with ‘Sounds of Starbucks.’ It’s a crack-up, and my husband doesn’t even visit Starbucks! Seriously, you should probably YouTube it. 

  1. Jeanne Robertson

– A lady and a humorist. The former Miss America contestant, who reached 6’2” at the age of 13, is from North Carolina, and her life makes up the fabric of her humorous talks. From stories of her husband LB (Left Brain) to raising their son Beaver to her experiences speaking all over the country, there’s nothing but a good time to be had when you listen to Ms. Robertson. Especially when she tells about that fateful trip with LB to Hawaii… 🙂

Do you enjoy comedy? Who are some of your favorite comedians/humorists?

– Melinda

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