Fiction Friday: In Golden Splendor

*On Fridays I will share what I’ve been reading, whether fiction or non-fiction. The books here can range from fiction of any genre, to personal development, to how-to, and anything and everything in between.

The Stats

Title: In Golden Splendor (An Heirs of Ireland novel)
Author: Michael K. Reynolds
Publisher/Year: B&H Publishing Group 2013
Genre: Historical Christian Fiction


Seamus Hanley is a man hiding from his past by living alone in the mountains. After witnessing a stagecoach crash, he finds himself fascinated by a picture of a woman amongst the rubble, and her letter for help leads him on an unforgettable journey. Setting off across the mountain ranges towards San Francisco, Seamus meets a eclectic assortment of people, some who are there to help, and others that do not have his best interest in mind. But even when he does reach his destination, and finds the woman who captured his heart, the struggle begins anew, as Seamus’ past threatens to catch up with him and Ashlyn, the woman he admires, is in danger. 

This is another epic in terms of where the story begins to where it ends. There were points on Seamus’ journey where the situations he found himself in where almost unrealistic. Maybe that’s a point the author is attempting to make: even when it seems that there is no escape, a door can open. However, some sequences of action were so very spectacular that I found them hard to believe, which is unlike how I felt reading the first book.

Overall, I enjoyed the second installment in this series. The characters were enjoyable, the action well paced, and the ties of family present even over many, many miles. Mr. Reynolds has a way of weaving interesting historical facts and tidbits into his story that really make the book come alive. I’m looking forward to the third book.

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