Monday Musings: No-Sweets/No-Wheat November

Last Monday I confessed that I love sweets, and that it’s probably bordering on an addiction. I don’t say any of that lightly, either. I’ve observed my behaviors long enough to know that sugar is a problem for me. And as I mentioned last week, I’m not alone.

So how did I do with my week of no sweets? Well, I almost made it. 🙂

Everything was going well until yesterday. There was definitely temptations along the way, but I resisted. Then Sunday came around, I was home alone, and I hadn’t prepared for the day very well. All of a sudden I found myself hungry, and the type of hunger that needed a fix right that moment. The only thing ready to eat: granola bars. Chocolate coated granola bars. And boy were they good.

When I told my family what I had done, my mother-in-law reminded me that I just needed to put it behind me and get back on track. 

She’s right. There’s no need to beat myself up. Just plan a little better for next time when I find myself suddenly hungry. 

Which I’m really going to need to keep in mind this week, as I’m adding no wheat to things I’m giving up for the rest of November. Yes, I am going no-wheat three days before Thanksgiving. The reason? Health.

Years ago I went eight months with no wheat (amongst other foods). I have never felt or performed better than during that time. As a soon-to-be-mommy, I want to have more energy so that I can actually play with my child, not just watch them play. So I’m giving up the wheat. 

I’ll check in next week on an update, and hopefully there won’t be any eleventh hour binges to report. 🙂

What health/wellness goals are you working towards? How do you handle the holidays in terms of food?

– Melinda

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