Writer Wednesday: Final NaNoWriMo Update

Only two days left after today. It’s hard to believe how quickly November flies by. It seems like it went even faster this year because my husband and I had four Thanksgiving meals to attend (thankfully, not all on Thursday). I took the holiday weekend off from writing to enjoy time with family and friends, and lo and behold, it’s Wednesday and I haven’t touched the novel since last week!  

So I put writing on the schedule for today, tomorrow, and Friday. I still want to hit my goal of having half of the second book written by the end of the month, so if I can turn out an average of two chapters a day, I will reach that goal. Then I’ll spend December finishing book two and starting book three, and then January on book three and book four. Which means all four first drafts should be finished before the baby’s arrival – unless she surprises us early!

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I am taking December off from the internet. That means there will be no blog posts on this site. I will resume in January, though. 

Hope you all have a wonderful last three days of #NaNoWriMo2018. 

– Melinda

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