Writer Wednesday: Happy New Year!

Any writing resolutions set for 2019?

I’m not much of a resolution setter myself; I prefer measurable goals. Granted, you can turn your resolutions into goals, so they are kind of similar/the same thing, but not always. 🙂 Like, I can resolve to never eat another cupcake again, but if I don’t actually put a plan in place to achieve that resolution (i.e. never stop in the bakery department at the grocery store, etc.) I’m probably going to fail. As was the case in December when I didn’t quite make it the whole month without using the internet. I didn’t have a plan, and I used a few apps/websites (though, significantly less than I would have otherwise) in a pinch. So when I decided to set a goal to not eat sweets or bread for an entire year, I put a plan in place: I told my husband so that he can help keep me accountable, then started a food journal so that I have to account to myself for what I eat every day. You know what? So far, it’s working!

My writing goals for 2019 are simple: keep blogging and finally get a novel ready for self-publication. The plan? Well, for the blogging it’s to keep on with the Monday/Wednesday/Friday format. I have a daily planner, so I write in ‘Blog’ on each of those three days. Having a theme for each day is also helpful in creating content and staying motivated.

As for the novel, the plan is that I’m going to develop my plan this week and start implementing it next week. Yes, sometimes you must plan your plans. 🙂 

What are your resolutions/goals for 2019?

– Melinda

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