Monday Musings: New Year, New Goals

Well, kind of new goals. Maybe the title should read “New Year, Revised Goals.” 🙂 Because most of what I’m attempting to achieve in 2019 is similar to that which I wanted to achieve in 2018. The difference this year is that I made them a little more specific, and I’m in the process of developing a ‘game plan’ for achieving the goals. Take this morning, for instance…

One of my goals this year is to lose weight after the baby is born. My goal last year was to lose weight but I got pregnant almost immediately after I put that goal on paper. So this year I set a specific weight, wrote down a date I wanted to achieve it by, and was at the gym this morning at 5:30 so that I’m used to going on a regular basis before the baby even arrives. Yes, I know my schedule is going to change once there is a little one to look after. And yes, I know there is the chance that I could get pregnant before my goal date, but the point is that I set a measurable goal, put a time frame on it, and started working towards it. 

My writing is the same way. I have a date that I want to have a book published by, and I’m working on that game plan so that while I’m running around figuring out this whole parenting thing, I can manage to squeeze in some time to get the book finished. (Some of you are probably chuckling at me right now. It’s okay, I know I’m a bit crazy.) It’s not just a wild hope, it’s a plan, and that gives me the confidence to go forward and work towards my goal.

So what about you?

– Melinda

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