It started with a slamming door on a breezy day.

For three years that sound haunted my imagination, having planted a vision of a woman fighting against the wind while storms raged both in and around her home. A few chapters here, a few chapters there, I thought and plotted and dreamed and talked about the story set in the 1800s until I was encouraged to just finally write the whole thing.

Enter National Novel Writing Month 2015. That November I took my manuscript from three chapters to completed rough draft. But of course, a rough draft is only the beginning. Now it’s time to bring the story to life.

That is what this blog is about. About the journey from idea to finished manuscript to published novel. But not just my journey. Along the way I’ll share advice from other writers who have traveled this road, link helpful content and resources for building your craft, and provide encouragement (and humor!) concerning the wonderful call to be a writer.

So please join me on this journey of a story, all of our stories, and let us see where the road will lead.